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Who says Mason Jars can only be used for storing? Here's 3 new ways to transform your mason jars! 


1) Glass Jar Typography


Mason Jars 

Wire (if you are going to hang the jars)


Very Fine Paint Pen for glass (can be bought at a craft store.)


Printed Names(or any words) with desired font



1. Make sure your jars are clean. Then tape the name you want to trace against the inside of the glass jar.

2. Taking the fine point glass pen, trace the name.

3. Remove the paper, then touch up any spots that need it.


2) Spray Painted Jars

Cr. Yesterday on Tuesday 


Mason Jars (make sure they have a “smooth” side– no writing)

Puffy Paint

Green Spray Paint



1. Wash, clean and dry jars. “Draw” a simple design or word with Puffy Paint.

2. Let them dry overnight.

3. Spray-paint the bottles in a well-ventilated area. Uses 4-5 light coats of paint, allowing each layer to completely dry.


3)  DIY Moss Terrarium Craft (It's Kid-friendly!)

Cr. Parent Pretty


Glass container

Small pebbles

Activated charcoal

Potting soil

Moss or other small plants

Bamboo skewer

Optional larger rocks for decoration

1. Prepare a Mason Jar.

2. Create a false drainage system for the plant roots by adding a 1-inch thick layer of small pebbles.

3. Add a thin layer of activated charcoal. You can purchase this at a pet store. The charcoal will help keep the water fresh and will help prevent mold and bacteria build-up.

4. Add a layer of soil. You can use potting soil, we used soil from our yard.

5. Place your plants in the terrarium. Use a bamboo skewer to make small holes, and place different types of moss in the jar, starting with larger plants near the back. We used a few nice rocks for decoration.



Get your mason jars here!



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