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All You Need To Know About Bulletproof Coffee In Singapore

There is only one product in the world capable of instilling so much excitement and fear in man – Coffee. The rush you get and the crash you feel is real with coffee. Well, until bulletproof coffee came along.

While this coffee was and is the new rave for healthy foods on the go, bulletproof coffee has been a staple delicacy in Singapore for ages. Perhaps they did not call it “bulletproof”, but it offered the same energy rush without the crash landing part. However, before we delve into this rather on-the-fence topic, we have a favorite brand that has wow consumers with its attention to details and delicacy in taste. It is not clear if Singaporeans noticed the difference or not; Beforeyouspeak is a health brand that has been at the forefront of pushing for a healthy society in Singapore. Their brand is uses spices and herbs to infuse a more unique taste and flavour into the regular coffee. These additions have also boosted the efficacy and potency of their bulletproof coffee to deliver incredible benefits to the body. Today, the brand boasts of selling over 2 million coffee cups in two years and is still waxing strong. There are many reasons we love Beforeyouspeak, but that will be detailed later as we progress in the article. However, for clarity sake, Beforeyouspeak is a premium blend of coffee infused with superfood for the total wellbeing of the consumer. 

Coffee - The Bean

With a global market value of $24.39 billion in 2019, the coffee bean market is expected to hit above $30 billion by 2025. That is certainly not surprising considering the impact coffee has made on man and economies since it was discovered. Today, specialty coffees are on the rise by 20 percent, and coffee production and consumption accounts for 8 percent of the US economy. There are many sides to the legend of how coffee came into existence, regardless of which route you choose, it leads to the plateau of Ethiopia. The most exciting myth about coffee bean history is of the farmer whose goats ate the cherries of a plant that kept them up at night. He reported his findings to a monastery, and the rest, as they say, is history. Gradually coffee spread throughout the world, and over the centuries, it has been transformed and enjoyed a million ways. These tiny beans from the hills of Ethiopia are the second most traded commodity in the world with more trade routes than any other products around the globe. So as coffee was going around visiting and transforming societies and economies, it happens to find its way to Singapore.

How are Specialty Coffee brands faring in the Singaporean Market?

Singapore is at the center of where the conventional meets the modern intriguingly. Since the days of modernizing kopi café, the country has grown to embrace the coffee culture. Whether you are sitting in a modern shop or enjoying one at the street corner, coffee is a reason to come to Singapore. While the US coffee market remains dominant in the market, countries like Singapore are trailing behind with big numbers and outstanding growth rates. The specialty coffee shop is the fastest growing market in the world today. It is said to experience a forecast growth rate of 13% over the next couple of years and projected to make revenue of 81 billion US dollars in 2020 – 2024. The Singapore instant coffee market is said to reach 98 million US$ by 2025. The coffee scene is so vibrant and the market is also accommodating. Despite new brands, Singaporeans are still drawn to the Kopi coffee and prefer it to other coffees. Singaporeans average over 1000 cups of coffee by blue-collar consumers with the man at the side street drinking up to 4 cups of kopi or coffee to get by in their daily hustle. Furthermore, the use of high caffeine Robusta coffee bean is another reason why people like Kopi to enjoy the sweetness and rush associated with it.

The Coffee Culture in Singapore

Singapore has a fascinating coffee history and culture. Although it is not among the top five coffee drinkers in the world, Singaporeans love their coffee time, and it is always a good thing to sit down for one. In fact, Kopi and kaya toast is a breakfast specialty in most restaurants and eateries that serve it as morning food to their customer. Kopitiam, or coffee shop culture, dates back centuries ever since the colonial rulers opened their first coffee shop in the countries. 

Today, Singapore has a rich and diverse history at whose center is the best coffee culture no one ever thought of talks about. Whether premium or specialty coffee brands, Singapore has some of the best. In fact, if you are looking for a great place to unwind with a cup of in-house brewed coffee, visit the Common Man Coffee Roaster Café. They have delicious blends that would make you sit all day.  Carrotsticks & Cravings boasts fresh Melbourne roasted coffee by Brother Basil right in Singapore!   One could also visit Ya Kun and Killney that are said to be the oldest coffee shops in the country, dating back to the early 1900. The coffee cups are amazingly delicious with the traditional old feel and way of making coffee. 

As we talk about coffee, one product that has transformed the coffee scene is bulletproof coffee. Singapore had bulletproof coffee even before it became a thing in western countries. The coffee was called Kopi Gu You, which translates from Coffee Butter. This drink has been a staple since the early 20th century. The coffee was made with brewed roasted coffee bean with condensed milk and butter for some smooth, creamy, and silky coffee blend to power you through the day. Today, the coffee blends are roasted with sugar and butter/lard. This process caramelize the coffee eliminating the need for adding butter, which gives the coffee a rich, robust taste without the oily after taste.

What is bulletproof coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is a drink that contains coffee, healthy fats, and butter. This concoction is targeted at giving you the same excitement as black coffee without the crash and burn feeling afterward. If you use the right ingredients, a cup of bulletproof coffee should provide 250 to 500 calories and enough energy to propel you through the day.

Why would you use bulletproof coffee (as part of a Keto Diet?)

Keto is a diet regimen where the body is denied its usual carbohydrate to enable it to go into ketosis by burning excess fats for fuel. This process triggers weight loss, improve mental and cognitive health, boost energy levels, and suppresses craving and appetite. Coffee is usually enjoyed with full-fat milk, cream, or a bit of both. 

These are considered as foods with high carbs and a no-no for keto dieters. Fats – butter, MCTs, and other healthy fats are part of getting the body into ketosis. Bulletproof coffee is the fastest way to achieve this without jeopardizing your keto status and curb the pesky cravings of carbs.

However, we cannot talk about bulletproof coffee without mentioning David Asprey. He is the 47 years old American and founder of the bulletproof diet and brand. It is poised to help you lose weight, regain your sanity, and have your system working in unison without the side effects. The bulletproof diet was David’s way of hacking into your biological system and turning back the hands of time. After years of experiment and funding, David perfected the bulletproof diet and lowered his biological age and more. He slept better, has better mental and emotional health, lost 100 pounds with skipping meals or his favorite food, and improved his IQ by 20. Through David, the bulletproof coffee has grown to be a versatile brand incorporating other healthy foods for more benefits.

Beforeyouspeak – Bulletproof Coffee Singapore

Beforeyouspeak Coffee Singapore

This is an Australia based health company that is making 100% organic, vegan-friendly, gluten-free, fat-burning, high-performance, healthy coffee. This coffee brand is made from premium grade roasted Columbian Arabica bean and infused with superfoods. They include foods turmeric, matcha, black pepper, Ginseng, green coffee extract, and MCTs powder. Beforeyouspeak coffee is a healthy drink for people who want to lose weight or a post-workout drink for athletes and fitness fanatics. The Nutritional information contained in serving of 30ml or 2 tablespoon is protein 0.6g, fats 0.3g, carbs 0.5g of which 0.035 is sugar, and 115mg of caffeine.

Beforeyouspeak Coffee Varieties

High-performance Coffee

The Beforeyouspeak OG range is high-performance bulletproof coffee comes in unsweetened, caramel, assorted, the OG, and cinnamon spice. Each comes in a pack of 30 sachets for $ 69.95 and contains the based ingredients of Columbian coffee infused with healthy goodness. This performance coffee contains ginseng, black pepper, MCT, turmeric, and more. It is also available in a smaller pouch with 7 sachets that sells for $19.95.

Glow Mocha Collagen Coffee

Get your glow back with a coffee like no other! This Beforeyouspeak coffee is a collagen booster that reverses the signs of aging. It reduces fine lines & wrinkles, strengthens nail & hair healthy, and hydrates your skin for a youthful, fuller, and brighter look. It comes 30-250ml in a sachet infused with superfoods that help with skin glow like Camu Camu and Marine collagen. The price is $69.95.

Beforeyouspeak GLOW Collagen Coffee

Adrenal Reset Decaf Coffee

Adrenal Reset Decaf is a Mocha Colombian coffee with Ashwagandha, vitamins, and minerals to help you sleep by reducing fatigue, stress, and anxiety. It comes in a pack of 30 sachets, and each one is 250ml, which can be consumed with hot or cold water just before bedtime. It cost $69.95 and a smaller pouch of 7 sachets for $19.95.

The Keto Friendly Coffee Creamer

Beforeyouspeak Coffee Creamer

If you like bulletproof coffee but would like to make yours; this is a creamer for you. The creamer is available in four flavors, including coconut, caramel, vanilla, and chocolate. Each 300g container is loaded with vitamins, fiber, Stevia, and healthy fats. It contains 60 servings of 5g each and costs $59.95.

How to make a bulletproof coffee at home?

You can always get a cup of bulletproof coffee at an affordable price in Singapore. However, if the cost of a bulletproof coffee cup costs too much, you can make yours at home. 

 Follow this simple method: 

 Bring to a boil 1 cup of water or 250ml

  • Add 2.5 tablespoons of bulletproof coffee bean of your choice – if you are new to bulletproof coffee; add just one teaspoon in the water and see how you react to it.    
  •  Add 20 to 30ml of organic, unsalted butter 
  • Add 30ml MCTs or coconut oil 
  • Add a sachet of Stevia or omit 
  • Pour the mixture into a blender and whizz it until foamy ·
  • Pour the mixture in a glass and enjoy it.

If your coffee is a supplement for post-workout, you can add bulletproof protein powder for added energy and recovery.

Mold free Coffee

Like all grains and coffee, mold is a problem that will occur at the right temperature. While most coffee roasters will claim their brand is mold-free, it is not entirely the case. Although mold in coffee is dangerous, a little can also make a difference. Premium and specialty coffees use high-quality coffee beans to produce excellent blends that consumers love. While we are saying it is mold-free, it has passed the test by the country of origin or regions where the beans are turned into coffee.   Mold is dangerous. However, over 100 countries in the world have a signed pact to ensure that only the best coffee beans are roasted and transformed into the various coffee brands you enjoy.  Thanks to these strict laws governing coffee, coffee makers, growers, and roasters, mold and mycotoxin levels are always to the lowest minimum that the human body can bear..

Coffee as a pre-workout (Beforeyouspeak cold brew) 

Beforeyouspeak has several performance brews designed to cater to athletes and fitness buffs. However, the cold brew is a 330ml regular beer-can type container that is ready to drink out of the refrigerator. This sugar-free, gluten-free drink caramel flavour is infused with MCT oil, ginseng, turmeric, black pepper, and green coffee extract in Columbian Arabica coffee. Now you can get all the nutrients you need to give it all your best before your workouts with the hassles.    

It is kind of amazing how many of us are dependent on coffee, whether ordinary or bulletproof. Coffee is so many things to so many people, and bulletproof coffee is Singapore is now a new craze but a repackaged market. Bulletproof coffee Singapore has always been the culture. Today, we have brands boosting health benefits using superfood and science to prove why. Drinking a cup of bulletproof coffee is a daily routine for most Singaporeans. However, the health benefits outweigh the luxury of being able to access a good mug of freshly brewed coffee at any time of the day.

If you enjoyed this article please share it via your favourite platform above.   You may also like the article titled: The Health Benefits Of Coffee or check out our Favourite recipe using Beforeyouspeak!  

Beforeyouspeak sugar free iced lattie
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