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Ever add honey to your tea or spread it on your toast in the morning? If not, it’s a sweet habit that’s full of health benefit. Organic honey that’s sustainably sourced is the best for preserving the natural nutrients it contains. For a natural way to better health and a sweeter life, taste what honey can do to improve your life!

Le Bono Collection carries an amazing honey range out of New Zealand called JFriend Honey.  It has all of your favourites and we wanted to share with you some reasons why it is so beneficial to your health!

It’s incredibly nutritious

With quality honey, you get essential antioxidants like flavonoids and organic acids. Research shows that when these compounds join forces, it makes for even better antioxidant power for your health.


Honey helps with weight loss

Stop wasting time on sugar and start enjoying organic honey. A study by San Diego State showed that when sugar was replaced with pure honey, it helped participants prevent adding extra weight, plus it lowered blood sugar. The reason is that it seems to lower serum triglycerides.


It boosts allergy relief

Seasonal allergies can bring heaps of agony to those suffering from them. When you eat organic honey, you’re getting the pollen spores that the bees pick up when they go from one flower to the next. By getting these spores into your diet, you build an immunity to the pollens that cause your sniffling, sneezy, coughing, watery eyes, and other seasonal allergy symptoms.


Honey helps quell coughs

As it turns out, Mary Poppins had it all wrong about using a spoonful of sugar before medicine. Turns out, you won’t even need medicine if you use raw honey instead. It’s as effective as the over-the-counter medicines you buy at the store but serves as a completely natural way to treat coughs by reducing mucus secretion. You can safely give it to children over the age of one.


It’s a fantastic topical treatment for wounds

In New Zealand, at the University of Waikato, Peter Charles Molan was the biochemist who discovered that honey has natural antibacterial healing effects when applied topically to the skin. Perhaps even more fascinating, he found that honey reacts to body fluids to create hydrogen peroxide which serves to kill off bacteria. What’s even more astounding is that this research backs up what ancient Egyptian people always believed about honey since it’s been used to treat burns and wounds for ages.


Honey boosts energy

Need a quick start to get you motivated at the gym or get back into the grind during that afternoon slump? Try a spoonful of organic honey. Mix it in with your water or tea if you’d rather and you’ll be on your way to feeling more energized and ready to go.


Un-bee-lievable, you say?

These are all scientifically-proven health benefits of using honey. Live your best life more healthfully by incorporating honey into your diet and keep it around your home to help heal naturally.


The JFriend range of Honey available at Le Bono Collection can be viewed by following the links.


Items in the JFriend Honey range:


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