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Intermittent Fasting  Using ProLon

ProLon is a 5 day intermittent fasting system, in a box.   Consisting of a proprietary food system, there are soups, snacks, oils and deserts that are scientifically structured as a fasting mimicking system for rapid weight loss and a range of other health benefits.

Review by Scott Larsen

Why is intermittent fasting a good thing?

If you think about how we evolved and the way we successfully pass along our DNA, was by being able to survive that gap in resources between meals.  This adaptation came about simply because food was not always plentiful, unlike today.   

Those of us that succeed in surviving these food ‘gaps’, not only survived but optimised internally to what mimics food. Given this, it makes a lot of sense that there is a mechanism built into our DNA that when exposed to prolonged periods without nutrition, will help our bodies to do our best!   

Some very interesting things happen when fasting. The bimolecular effects of prolonged fasting are well documented (We will have comprehensive articles coming on that soon)  and there are many tools online such as Intermittent Fasting Calculator by Fitnessvolt to understand what you specifically need. 

Particularly after a couple of days, your body activates pathways that say;

"We don't have any more food, we need to do the best that we can to succeed and find more food."  

So, growth stops, you don't make any new fat cells. You stop building things because you don't have resources and optimize the things you already have.   

Things like apoptosis and autophagy, where damaged dysfunctional cells will be deleted. Then stem cell health, regeneration, and rejuvenation where the body optimizes what it has, so you now have less energy to make an organism and more output.

You are essentially much more efficient spring-cleaned version of yourself.    

 That happens over just a couple of days but fasting isn't always safe.

  • It can be really hard. People get very hungry during it 
  • Your body will find energy wherever it can, including in your muscles

Now one of the things that we found in fasting mimicking diets of ProLon, is that it protects the muscle. 

You are able to maintain your lean body mass over these days, while still getting all the other benefits of fasting. 

How does ProLon work?

The ProLon system mimics fasting by inhibiting the same pathways as fasting, while being able to provide you with nutrition that the body essentially can't see. The body reacts to certain combos of macronutrients and whilst not reacting to others.  

We are able to evoke the same DNA response as a full five-day fast, while still providing you with three meals a day including nutrition from snacks. There is even dessert and healthy herbal teas!

The Background of ProLon

The ProLon five-day fasting mimicking diet is based on decades of research and millions of dollars of federal funding, including multiple clinical trials and peer-review published research. Inside the box is a carefully scientifically formulated to deliver the benefits that we think you will really enjoy and we know your body will respond to.

Much of the background research was published in the book The Longevity Diet

So how what do you get with the ProLon system?

Simply, the ProLon system takes the thinking and planning out of the equation. As follows:

  • Each of the five days are individually boxed. 
  •  There is a meal program card that demonstrates how we think you should use each day, including the order of how you take the food 
  •  It's flexible.   It doesn’t really matter ‘when’ you eat or in what order you eat the given days food.  The only ‘rule’ is that; day to day, you should eat the food ONLY specifically suggested for that day 

There is also general information on how to use the diet and who should not take it. As well as the nutritional facts of each item.   

 The ProLon system is a plant-based meal program has been constructed from only the best sources.  The food has been created by some of the world's best food scientists.

 - As you can see ProLon is very convenient and easy -

ProLon Day by Day Breakdown

ProLon Day 1

Day one has quite a lot of food. 

 There is a proprietary nut bar which provides plenty of healthy fat to give your body the energy it needs during gluconeogenesis and the creation of energy from circulating free fatty acid. Also there are things like kale crackers as a snack.  But the real backbone of the diet are the scientifically formulated soup blends which are all best when made over the stove, but can all be microwaved as well.

Also included are things like algal oil which provides plant based omega3, as well as specialised vegetable power minerals and supplements.  

 Everything that you need during the day is in the day. It is encouraged not to take any of your outside supplements if you feel, you don't need to.      

As part of the ProLon system there are delicious herbal teas as well as our favourite, the choco-crisp for dessert.  

ProLon Day 2

Day two things change up just a little bit. Included is an L-drink which is a glycerine-based energy drink of sorts. Now we say energy because when you are in gluconeogenesis, the body will use glycerine as a precursor to ATP to make energy.   When you are not in gluconeogenesis, you will just excrete it out through the kidneys. That is why we don't include it on day one, your body has not yet transitioned.

There is once again quite a bit of food over just 800 calories on day two. It is made to feel like you are consuming quite a bit more.   However, day two of a fasting program is usually the toughest mentally.   The ProLon protocol is set up so you can have multiple meals in a day (although not calorie intensive). This helps with the psychological aspects of a typical ‘fast’ where you may not be allowed to eat at all, or eating is ‘blocked off’ into a window such as a time based protocol like the warrior diet - 16:8 or a ‘one meal a day protocol - 20:4.

The goal is to make you curb your apatite while still getting all of the benefits of fasting.

Day two also includes different soups including mushroom and minestrone quinoa blend. Some olives for an afternoon snack and our one supplement and several different herbal teas.  Finally the choco-crisp for dessert.   During day two, your body is going to treat it like you haven't eaten much. It will suppress all of the same pathways as if you were doing a full fast.

ProLon Day 3 – Activation!

Then by day three, your body has activated all of the benefits and then it spends the rest of the days in the meal program:

  • Optimizing 
  •  Regenerating 
  •  Rejuvenating

We will have a full article soon that digs into the health benefits of fasting and intermittent fasting soon. The link will be here

ProLon Day 4 and 5 - Benefits

You can really expect to start to feel the benefits on day four.  People report having clearer minds, feeling their energy levels extremely boosted!

Can you use multiple cycles of ProLon?

Of course, ProLon is an aggressive fasting system, however usually it is safe to do a 2 or 3 cycles (up to 15 days).   Simply you would order as many weekly ProLon boxes as you want, in order to achieve your goals.  

 If you wanted to have a longer program you may wish to have an expert overseeing and monitoring your progress.  If you would like to be connected to a practitioner in Asia to oversee your ProLon protocol please email scott@nordicgroup.eu 

Give the ProLon system a shot and see how you feel. I think you will experience the same benefits that thousands have before you. 

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