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Since the efficacy and medicinal properties of Manuka honey came to light, the world is clamouring for originality and a product with the mark of authentication. J. Friend and Co is a New Zealand Artisan honey manufacturing company that prides itself on delivering nature in its raw and unchanged state to your doorsteps.

JFriend and Co NZ Artisan Honey JFriend Honey for tea pairing 
Unlike most stories, J.Friend was borne out of their passion for wanting people – the world to taste honey – the Manuka honey in its purest form. What started in 2008 as a desire was to restore the integrity of honey, dignify the art of beekeeping and beekeepers are now a booming business.


Today, they have delivered on their promise. After 22 years of running the hills of New Zealand’s South Island, J.Friend has not compromised on the quality or taste of their honey or honey-based products. Despite being so long in the business, they are still a small, tight-knitted group producing honey for the few that seek originality.


J.Friend Honey Products

Each canister of J.Friend honey product is filled with love and nature’s taste. The company has stuck with packing unpasteurised, pure, and raw honey that retains its properties to the highest standards.

Manuka Honey in Tea

Whether it is a Manuka premium grade honey or a jar filled with the refined taste of New Zealand’s flavour, you cannot go wrong with a J.Friend product.


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JFriend Manuka Honey


With over 14 products, including some of the world’s top-grade Manuka honey, they have set the standard for others to follow.


Why a J.Friend Product?





While each bottle of J.Friend can be traced back to the farm that packaged it, they are also the first honey producing company to receive the carbon-neutral status.

Furthermore, no bottle contains a mixture of two kinds of honey or from two regions, nor is it filtered. With a J.Friend, you will likely see some honeycomb in your jar.


Asides from their Manuka honey with its intense, rich, caramel, and coconut flavor, most products have the UMF 5+/MGO 83+ and UMF 10+ MGO 240+ symbol of authentication on them. They have honey in the following varieties of New Zealand honeys (many of which are indigenous!)

Beechwood Honeydew

Beechwood Honey by JFriend NZ Artisanal Honey The Beechwood Tree 


Kamahi NZ Honey 


pohutukawa tree JFriend Pohutukawa honey 


Jfriend Lavender Honey Lavender Fields  

Viper Bugloss

 Vipers Honey

Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme Honey Wild Thyme Honey 

White Clover

White Clover Honey JFriend White Clover Honey 

Northern Rata

Rata Honey 


Rewarewa Honey 


The Gift Of Honey with JFriend Experience Packs

Besides these flavours, J.Friend also makes sample bottle packs for customers who would like to gift their product, honey that pair with cheeses and toast too.

JFriend Honey experience packs


They also have packed fresh honeycomb, hazelnut and honey jar, bee pollens, and syrup made with ginger, lemon, and honey.


JFriend Honey Packaging and Sizes

J.Friend Artisan products are available in canisters, squeezable non-drip bottle, sachets you can take on the go, and in a collection. The sizes range from 5g to 1.4kg bottles. The regular bottles come in 160g and are best eaten straight out of the jar

Depending on the processing process, farm, and beehives, J.Friend honey comes in all shades of deliciousness. From dark amber to creamy white, they have it all. Regardless of which bottle you purchase, the J.Friend Artisan mark of quality is one it. J.Friend honey contains the highest level of oxidants. It also has high levels of oligosaccharides and antibacterial activity for health and healing.

For more deliciousness, visit their website here.


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