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The Complete Guide To DNA Testing In Singapore

Complete Guide to DNA testing in Singapore

With a plethora of new DNA Testing entering the market over the last couple of years in Singapore, we wanted to demystify the process and outline the various services.

This article will outline the basics of DNA testing as well as take a deep dive into all of the leading providers in Singapore who offer both retail and practitioner centric DNA testing services. 


DNA Testing An Overview

As a basic history The Human Genome Project (HGP) set out in 1990 to sequence the entire human genome for us (Homo sapiens).   Completed in April 2003, this project successfully managed to complete the full sequence and make this information available to mankind.(1)


It is hard to believe that ALL of your DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is made up of only 4 nucleotide pairs:

  • Adenine (A)
  • Thymine (T)
  • Cytosine (C)
  • Or Guanine (G)

In our double helix, that we are all familiar with, these pair up in different ways forming genetic SNIPs.    “SNIPs occur almost once in every 1,000 nucleotides on average, which means there are roughly 4 to 5 million SNPs in a person's genome. These variations may be unique or occur in many individuals; scientists have found more than 100 million SNPs in populations around the world”. (2)

DNA testing is in your hands


Over time, researchers worldwide are digging into specific SNIPs and are conducting scientific tests on how they affect your health.
This is where the variance of commercial DNA testing providers starts!



This is where commercial genetic testing has started to gain traction.  Generally speaking, DNA tests are increasingly playing a very important role, in making sure people live healthy and long lives.


Imagine how much your life will change positively if you know your genetic makeup!


You’d be familiar with the kind of diet your body needs, your ancestral origin, your skin type, and other personal gene traits.

In comparison to a blood workup, many people simply are heading to the Doctor for an annual check-up and maybe a blood count then.  However, the blood test is:

  • only a snapshot in time
  • does not give the Dr a view of ‘who you are’ at a DNA level
  • May not provide a clear picture around why specific markers such as LDL may be high

Given this, DNA testing is raising in popularity globally.

The knowledge received from DNA health testing will allow anyone to make better life choices health-wise. When your knowledge is limited about who your genetic traits, in the long run, it may affect your life expectancy. More often than not, people who don’t go for early DNA testing tend to discover different types of diseases at a critical stage. We also have to consider the fact that without early DNA tests, you may pass certain diseases and health conditions to your children.


Incorrect SNIP Identification and Incorrect Claims of DNA Tests

In the mad-rush to bring DNA testing to the commercial market, there are many companies that attempt to test huge amounts of snips.  Sometimes into the millions per test run!   There are two issues in this method:

  • There is a significantly high chance for inaccurate SNIP identification (let’s hope it is not a SNIP that matters!)
  • The results and subsequent recommendations, can often be based upon very loose science that has not yet undergone rigorous testing and trials

Given this there are two very distinct DNA testing services in the market that we will review:

  1. Practitioner grade and exclusive testing
  2. Commercial, retail testing
DNA testing in Singapore


DNA Testing In Singapore

Singaporeans are known to live long lives and it can be attributed to various reasons. A report has said that Singaporean men can live for up to 78.8 years and women for 83.3 years. It really is something to be proud of but the real question here is how healthy are they during the period of their lives? A report also showed that most Singaporeans live in poor health through most of their lives.

Singapore Active Lifestyles Singapore Healthy City Living 


Is there a solution to this problem?

Yes, there is to large extent. Having DNA tests will not cure diseases or health issues a person might have but it brings awareness. When you become aware of what makes you unique medically, you take action accordingly. DNA tests can help you discover skin issues like sun sensitivity, antioxidant deficiency, food sensitivities as well as your ability to process specific food types (carb, fat and protein), as well as how important sleep and caffeine (in coffee) may be for you!

In 2020 and recent years, there have been so many scientific innovations on ways to make DNA testing more accessible, accurate, and secure. There are a reasonable number of DNA test firms in Singapore that provide so many impressive DNA testing services. DNA test kits are even being shipped to whatever location you are in Singapore so there’s little or no excuse as to why you haven’t taken DNA tests.

Some Facts About DNA Testing:

  • It doesn’t hurt in any way. All tests use a cheek swab known as a buckle swab
  • You don’t need to be a medical genius to use the test kits
  • You discover the best skincare treatments for your skin
  • Your diet becomes more effective
  • Exercising yields better results when you know your body type
  • There will be a clear reference point for other tests you do as you DNA does not change!


Genetic tests give you a better perspective on your wellness and how best to remain healthy and happy.  DNA tests are not meant to be taken as a diagnosis or specific test for any condition. 


You should always seek further assistance from a certified healthcare professional!  

DNA testing services generally come in different packages depending on the type of genetic test you want to carry out.  If you would like to dive into the specifics of each category and the SNIPs that lead to indications please click on the link below.   Categories are:

  • Health
  • Diet
  • Sport
  • Hormones
  • Skin
  • Dental
  • Kids/ Babies
  • Ancestry
  • Allergy
  • Personality/ Mind


DNA Testing Companies In Singapore 

Now that we’ve covered some really important facts about DNA testing, it’s time to actually discover some well-known Singaporean DNA testing companies as well as one that is not getting much retail attention, but is used by thousands of practitioners on an exclusive basis globally.
 DNA Lab Testing


Practitioner Exclusive DNA Testing Services

The gold-standard of DNA testing is via a practitioner. 

Given that your DNA will never change, we believe that if you are going to do it, it should be done once and done right. 


Nordic Labs – DNA Life 

Nordic Labs – DNA Life requires practitioners to have completed a 3-day certification course in order to read and interpret the results of your genetic test.  Thousands of new practitioners become certified with DNA Life around the world every year and there is a growing list of practitioners who are certified here in Singapore!


DNA Life only tests a total of 130 genetic SNIPs that have strong studies and research to prove their importance for the function they are being reported on.   Given this extremely low number of SNIPs being tested, the team at Nordic Labs has a 100% efficacy rate.  Meaning, the SNIPs tested must be a 100% positive match in order to be reported (this is not the case in many retail tests in the market which we will outline below).

Also, because DNALife is testing for such as small range of clinically relevant SNIPs it also means personal data is far less risk than retail providers testing an entire sequence.

The DNA Life test is often used as a ‘baseline forming’ test, by a practitioner, before they dive in and investigate any condition you may have, with further ‘targeted tests’ or through other analysis methodology.  


If you would like to be put in touch with a DNA Life Certified Practitioner in Singapore, please send us an email to scott@noridcgroup.eu and you will be given access to the current list.


Although the testing needs to be conducted via the certified practitioner, here is a general guide to the testing offered as well as pricing.

The Nordic Labs – DNALife tests fall into these categories.  Here is the review of each:

  • Health
  • Diet
  • Sport
  • Oestrogen
  • Skin
  • Mind

There are more on the way very soon, so stay posted to this article for new announcements!


Nordic Labs DNALife Testing


Due to the fact DNA Life tests can only be bought through practitioners, the pricing varies however the Singapore RRP for DNA Life testing ranges from $550 for a single test or up to $1000 for a bundle that includes all tests.   You can buy bundles of the groups listed above in tests of; 2,3,4,5 & 6 at varying rates.

Note: Practitioners will also charge for their time to assist you to analyse specific results and give professional recommendations or protocols.


Singapore Retail DNA Testing Overview


Perhaps the biggest striking differences to consider between a retail DNA test and a professional only test is that:

  • Often testing services are trying to test for 100,000 to millions of SNIP’s
  • The ERROR rate of many retail-based DNA tests can range from 1-15%.


That means across 100,000 SNIPs potentially 15,000, AT RANDOM, could be wrong!  Let alone a test that is testing millions of SNIPs


  • Tests a made into easy to understand reports, the basis for which are not disclosed by the individual companies. This makes it unclear about the research or medical perspective reports are based on or for you to zoom in on any specific SNIP of concern for further testing
  • Given there are 3-4 million SNIP’s in any individuals genome, there is a potential risk of singling any one person out by the SNIP’s measured by way of retail DNA testing. So, data security is extremely important (some companies have already been caught selling data!)


Retail DNA Testing Services In Singapore



23andMe is a company that saw the importance of people becoming aware of the human genome. It was founded in 2006 and has dedicated its self to improving health care.

Evidence based on data is used to understand wellness and disease.

“The current 23andme v5 chip, the Global Screening Array is a next-generation genotyping array for population-scale genetics, variant screening, pharmacogenomics studies, and precision medicine research. This version of the chip has around 6,50,000 SNPs suitable for both ancestry and health testing”.(4)

23andme DNA testing in Singapore


The studied error rate in 23andme is said to be around 1-2% which is considered extremely good, however for every million SNIPs measured that means around 10,000 SNIPs can be wrong.  Once again, there is no way of telling which are incorrect.

23andme DNA testing in Singapore


23andMe offers three main packages and you are to make your decision based on what you need.

These services include:

Ancestry + Traits $99: This service provides 30+ trait reports, DNA relative finder, automatic family tree builder, and 2000+ geographic regions. This is a good option if you a comprehensive breakdown of your ancestry.

Health + Ancestry $199: This service provides everything you get from the Ancestry and Traits package, 10+ health predisposition reports, 40+ carrier reports, and 5+ wellness reports. This service is perfect for people who want to know how their DNA can make them prone to certain health conditions.

VIP Health + Ancestry $499: This service gives you priority lab processing and it included the first two Health and Ancestry kits with overnight shipping, and other premium benefits.

What You Need To Do

  • Order any of the three services and then a saliva collection kit will be sent within 3-5 days.
  • Spit into the collection tube and register your saliva using a barcode and mail it back to their lab.
  • Receive your DNA results in about 3-5 weeks through your online account.


With 23andMe DNA testing, you get to find out the best lifestyle for you based on your DNA. Through their services, they have recorded 76% of customers making healthier choices, 55% eating healthier, and 45% exercising better, and so on.

For more information, click here.



Ori carries out DNA tests with the aim of providing accurate DNA results you can trust. These results according to them can help improve your lifestyle in order to live long and healthy. In partnership with Imogen labs, they work with businesses to create products and services for people based on consumer’s genetic insights.
Askori DNA testing in Singapore

Ori carries out DNA tests for:

  • Fitness and Performance
  • Skin and Beauty
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Allergy
  • Personality
  • Children’s Talent Health
  • Longevity and Healthy Aging

Under each of these DNA test types, there are packages that offer different services that’ll best suit your health and budget.

How It Works

  • Choose your DNA test
  • Register your test kit and deposit your sample
  • Schedule for the free sample pick up and get access to your DNA Report

For more information, click here.




Circle DNA testing in Singapore
 CircleDNA was founded in 2014 with a team of 150 persons consisting of engineers, scientists, genetic counsellors, and more professionals. It presently has 10 offices globally. This company desires to put an end to late chronic disease detection and make people become more preventive. To do this, they carry out DNA tests of different types to enable you to train better, know your disease risk early, eat smartly, and more.

CircleDNA is probably the most well-known DNA testing service in Singapore due to their collaboration with Watsons.  This makes it the most 'mass-market' service available.



Circle DNA and Watsons Collaboration


CircleDNA carries out the following tests:

Vital DNA Test $170.10: This test comes with 125 reports on stress and sleep, diet and nutrition, etc. and it helps you discover nutrient needs, behavioural traits, and so on.

Health DNA Test $449.10: This test comes with 115 reports on cancer, dementia, etc. and helps you discover the genetic risk of common health conditions.

Family Planning DNA Test $449.10: This test offers 155+ reports and helps you discover if your partner has any inherent conditions that may be passed down to your children.

Premium DNA Test $566.10: This test offers 500 reports including those found in the Vital, Health and Family Planning. It provides a comprehensive DNA test for you.


How It Works

  • Order for your preferred test
  • Submit your saliva sample using the kit that would be sent
  • Receive your DNA test results in a couple of weeks.

For more information, click here.





GeneLife was incorporated on May 1, 2004 and they believe that people’s lives can be greatly improved through genetic science. With GeneLife, you can discover important facts about your genetics which in turn will help you make healthier choices. It’ll also help you make conscious efforts to dealing with certain health- related conditions.

GeneLife carries out the following tests:

GeneLife DNA testing SG
GeneLife range of tests in Singapore

GeneLife Genesis 2.0 $249 SGD: This test is a comprehensive test kit and it includes tests for disease risks, abilities, physical traits, and so on.

GeneLife Myself 2.0 $249 SGD: This test helps you to discover personality and character traits.

GeneLife Generation $199 SGD: This test helps you to discover your ethnic composition and family history.

GeneLife Diet $89 SGD: This test helps you discover your genetic diet type, metabolism, and so on. 

GeneLife Skin $89 SGD: This test helps you to discover your skin traits in order to take good care of it.

GeneLife Sports $89 SGD: This test helps you to discover your muscle type and sports activities that suit you best.



How It Works

  • Decide on the test kit that works best for you and then make your order.
  • Register your saliva and then send it to their labs.
  • Receive your DNA test results in a few weeks.

For more information, click here.






The DNA-Me By Oni Global genetic test is powered by Imogen Labs and it is used to inform people of unique traits they possess.  Identifying these traits will help people take care of their health appropriately. 

DNA Me with GNC


Tests are carried out for insights about your wellness with the following test categories:

Fitness: This kit helps you to discover endurance potential, aversion to exercise, slow metabolism, and so on.

Nutrition: This kit helps you to discover if you have iron deficiency, calcium deficiency, vitamin A deficiency, and so on,

Skin: This kit helps you to discover if you have skin dryness, UV damage potential, sun sensitivity, and so on.

How It Works

  • Make your preferred DNA test order
  • Register your sample
  • Submit the sample to the lab
  • Receive your DNA test result

For more information, click here.



Paternity DNA Testing Services In Singapore


Genetrack offers a variety of DNA tests and it’s known worldwide for its paternity tests. Just like other DNA testing firms, Genetrack helps people make better life choices based on their genetic traits. Their testing records have been flawless so far and they keep making improvements to their services.

Genetrack offers so many DNA tests but we’ll only list a few.

  • Paternity Test S$350
  • Maternity Test S$490
  • DNA Fitness Test S$820
  • DNA Alcohol Intolerance Test S$490
  • DNA Skin Health Test S$490
  • DNA Warrior Gene Test S$490

There are so many other test kits available so all you need to do is choose the test kit best for you.

How It Works

  • Order your preferred test kit.
  • Use the saliva kit and then send the sample to the laboratory.
  • Receive DNA test results in a few weeks.

For more information, click here.



EasyDNA is a company that offers quick, affordable, and accurate DNA tests. With the goal of enlightening people about their unique genetic makeup, EasyDNA also makes genetic tests available for legal and rest of mind purposes.


Easy DNA testing in Singapore


This company carries out the following DNA test services.

Ancestry Tests: This test gives you an insight into your family lineage and genealogy.

Clinical & Molecular Test: This test helps you to discover how to manage various aspects of your health.

Health and Wellbeing Test: This test helps you to take better control of your wellbeing.

Other Tests: This includes genetic fingerprinting, DNA art, and so on.

The prices of these test kits can be found on the official website.


How It Works

A DIY DNA test kit of your choice is sent out to your address with instructions on what to do. You will then send it back to the lab and get your DNA results within 7-8 working days.

For more information, click here.



GeneScreen is quite different from the other DNA testing companies we’ve looked at. This company no doubt also aims to make people more aware of their genetic traits and then begin to make better life choices. However, GeneScreen focuses on Non- Invasive Parental Testing.

GeneScreen Paternal Testing Singapore

This test is to basically examine your unborn child. NIPT isn’t solely to discover who a baby naturally belongs to; it enables early detection of chromosomal abnormalities. This test has made it possible for parents to know if their unborn baby has any abnormality so that they can begin to make important health decisions for their baby. Such abnormalities can include Down syndrome, Edwards’s syndrome, and so on.

To enroll for NIPT, you need to do the following:

  • Enquire more about NIPT
  • Do a non-invasive blood test
  • Give your blood sample for analysis
  • Wait for a detailed result that will be sent to you within 12-14 working days.

For more information, click here.



In summary, we’ve seen that DNA testing is very crucial if you want to live a life where you make the right health and wellness choices. Living a long quality life can be helped via the knowledge obtained through DNA testing.

Singapore has a range of options, some exclusively through practitioners with DNALife from Nordic Labs then more commercial options.  The power of knowledge is now over to your decision.  



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  2. https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/primer/genomicresearch/snp#:~:text=They%20occur%20almost%20once%20in,in%20populations%20around%20the%20world.
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