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Protein is an essential nutritional class of food, but how much do we need to survive?  If you are looking to incorporate plant-based protein into your diet, Plant-based protein powder Singapore will give you the rundown of what you need to know


Some people do not understand that plant protein powders have equal or more protein contents than animal protein. While the majority is satisfied with beef steak, or a bowl of seafood, many companies are building the pathway to healthier living in Singapore.  So, if you are not sure where to begin your plant-based protein powder Singapore journey, we have a complete guide on popular sources and how they fair.


Nuzest Clean Lean Protein the best plant based protein in Singapore

Having been in the plant-based circle for a very long time, we have a favourite. Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is the number one plant-based protein powder Singapore for all your needs.

We have rated this plant-based protein powder as the best brand 2020 in Singapore and outside our shores. Our ratings are not based on personal usage and potency, rather it is garnered from the feedback and comments from over 400 customers as well as nutritional and medical professionals who choose Nuzest over all other brands.  

What makes Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Powder superior is the quality, choice of premium ingredients, and attention to detail through the manufacturing process.

If we could give a 10-star out of 5, it is surely worth it!




What are the types of plant-based protein in the Singapore Market?

The Asia-Pacific presents itself as the second-largest market for plant-based protein powder. The reasons are hinged on health and wellness, and a shift to natural eating and reducing our impact on the environment are solid ‘whys’ for this change.

The idea of shifting away from meat and meat-based protein can be strenuous and overwhelming for anyone. Quite frankly, it is difficult to just take the decision without concrete motivation. That is why we have this complete guide to help you come to terms with the direction and how to incorporate it effortlessly.

Regardless of the choice you make, your health is the final goal in choosing a plant-based protein powder diet. Some people have asked do plants have protein; yes, they do.
Plants that contain protein


They contain essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and more that is good for the body. In a report presented by 37 scientists in 2019 called the EAT-Lancet Commission Report, it outlined a healthy eating pattern that people should follow. The report claimed that by adhering to these guidelines, we will be saving the planets and lowering the risk and effect of climate change. It based its report on the overwhelmingly positive impact of plant-based proteins and foods.

Number of people in Singapore who have tried plant based protein  
Singapore is the most vegan-friendly country in the Asia-Pacific. In a survey carried out by Rakuten Insight, 75 percent claimed they have tried plant-based protein alternatives, including soy, almond, and rice milk. In the same survey, almost 51 percent have indulged in plant-based substitutes for animal protein.


Below are the popular plant-based protein powders in Singapore, making headlines with their varieties of products for consumers. The five types are including rice protein, soy protein, pea protein, spirulina, and mixed protein offering. Another plant-based protein with a fantastic protein source is Hemp protein. We have exempted it from this list despite its great review due to laws governing hemp and hemp products in Singapore. The Singaporean law prevents the importation and sale of hemp-related products.


Rice Protein

Rice Protein

Most people cannot believe rice contains protein. They think the grain is a full-fledge carbohydrate. Well, believe it or not, rice grains are packed with enough proteins to build lean, strong muscles, and trigger a healthy weight loss. Rice protein is a protein isolated from rice. Although it has the lowest percentage of protein when compared to other plant-based protein, it is okay. White rice contains 4g of protein in 120g of rice and brown rice has 5g in the same measurement. Despite the little quantity, rice protein powder has added components to boost the protein content and deliver absolutely amazing results when consumed. Rice protein powder is light, healthy, vegan compliant, digestible, and allergen-free. Rice protein is available on its own or in combination with other proteins on the market


Soy Protein

Soy is a major crop in most regions in Asia and is imported to most areas in the world, including the US. The versatility of soy cannot be underrated as it is found in food like tofu, tempeh, milk, Edamame, and more.

Today, soy protein is obtained in 3 forms, the soy isolates with 90 percent of protein. Soy protein concentrates, which is free from soluble carbs and contains 70 percent protein. The final soy protein is textured soy protein of TSP is just like soy protein with a little texture like flakes and chunks. It also has 70 percent of protein.

Soy Protein


Pea Protein

Pea protein is the latest plant-based protein powder Singapore with 20grams of protein content in two scoops of the powder on average. Made from the dried split grains of the pea plant, they are regarded as the highest quality protein powder packed with nutrients and vitamins for vegans and others. Pea proteins are easy to digest, gluten-free, boost mental and heart health. It is also a great appetite suppressant, hypoallergenic, and post-workout drinks.

Nuzest Pea Protein



The best way to explain this type of protein is to liken it to seaweeds. Spirulina, as the name suggests, is cyanobacteria or micro-algae that grow in spirals that stick together. Spirulina is a superfood linked with the Aztec and found in many regions in South American and West-Central Africa. The blue-green algae contain 8g protein in 2 tablespoons of the powder.


Mixed Protein Offering

 Mixed protein powders are blends that come with a mix of other plant-based ingredients in them. For example, a mixture of rice protein powder can have flax, sunflower, or chia protein in it. These protein offerings are actually nutritious and healthy. However, one should keep an eye for additive, artificial colour, fillers, and flavour.

Plant-based protein powder Singapore offers high-quality content in all variations allowing people to make a choice to the brand that suits them. 



Top Plant-Based Protein Powder in Singapore


Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein range

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is one of the best selling protein powders in Singapore for all groups of people. The company makes use of the cleanest and freshest pea grown in uncontaminated soil under natural conditions in Europe. 

It is 100 percent pea protein and available in 8 flavours, namely coffee coconut + MCTs, vanilla Matcha, Chai Turmeric + Maca, wild strawberry, real coffee, smooth vanilla, Rich chocolate, and natural.

Depending on the variety there are a number of sizes within the CLP range, including:

  • 25g sachet
  • 250g
  • 500g
  • 1kg
  • and the Athelte pack which is 2.5kg

The serving size is 2 scoops or 25g with 19g-21g of protein per serving, depending on flavour.

Nuzest Plant Based Pea Protein Singapore
Their unique selling point is transparency and clean label packaging. The price, according to size starts at $4.95 and goes up to $195 for the most economical Athlete Pack.  




Bob’s Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill is a brand of 100 percent pea protein made from pea isolate extracted under low heat and water base process. However, they have mixed protein offerings with chai and probiotics, and the product is wholly natural with no artificial additive or sweetener.

Bobs Red Mill Pea Protein Singapore Bobs Red Mill Pea Protein Ingredients 


The 100% pea protein is of natural flavour, but the mixed protein offering is available in chocolate and vanilla. The product is available in 16 ounces sachet with 21g of protein per 1/3 cup of serving. Their unique selling point is the versatility and ease of use. Each pack costs 25.80 S$.



This is a mixed protein offering with pea protein as the base protein. It contains rice protein and digestive enzymes to aid the absorption of the powder when used. PranaOn comes in four flavours, namely Himalayan salted caramel, coconut milk , rich chocolate, and vanilla crème.

PranaON Protein Singapore
It is available in 400g sachet at S$78, with each serving containing 30grams of protein. Their unique selling point is catering to fitness buffs and providing nutrients for quick recovery.




MyProtein – Pea Protein 

MyProtein Pea Protein is a mixed protein offering consisting of pea and fava bean protein. It comes in seven flavours, including strawberry, banana, turmeric latte, blueberry & cinnamon, coffee & walnut, chocolate, and unflavoured. It is available in 2.5kg, 1kg, 500g, and 250g sachets with a serving of 30g containing 22g of protein. Their unique selling point is the naturalness, small size packet, and wholly vegan option. It sells for S$120.99 to S$14.70 from biggest to smallest.


MyProtein – Brown Rice Protein

MyProtein Brown Rice Protein is designed for trainers and athletes. The goal is to help them recover fast with little or no side effects from the intensity of the exercise. This brown rice protein contains 80 percent rice protein and comes in a single flavour- unflavoured. The pouch comes in two sizes – 1kg and 2.5kg, with a serving of 30g containing 23grams of protein. It is amazing. MyProtein's unique selling point is being able to cater to a particular category of people that need the nutrients when it is in dire need. The price is S$138.99 and S$71.99 for the big and small, respectively. 

 MyProtein Vegan Blends Singapore

MyProtein – Soy Protein Isolate

MyProtein never ceases to amaze us with its unique products catering to our protein sustenance. This product is 100 percent of soy origin and contains 90 percent of the protein content. As usual, it checks all the boxes for GMO-free, gluten-free, low fat, low carbs, great taste, and easy to use. It comes in six unique flavours synonymous with the brand, namely unflavoured, vanilla, salted caramel, natural strawberry, iced latte, and chocolate. The product is available in 2 sizes of 1kg and 500g with a 30g per serving offering 27g of proteins. The unique selling point is diversity and quality. Each pouch is sold for S$34.99.


Lush Soy Protein Isolate

Lush is pure soy protein Isolate with less fat and protein to provide all the bodybuilding blocks you need to get through the day. With 90 percent protein content still available, a serving of 40grams offers 22grams of protein, which is excellent.

Lush Soy protein Isolate comes in only one flavour – unsweetened and a pouch of 1kg for long-term use. Furthermore, the price is affordable for a big pack at $29.90. Their unique selling point is sticking with one incredible product and providing all the protein you need from a single serving.
 Lush Soy Protein Singapore




Are you looking for a powerful protein powder?

Nutrilite is a soy, pea, and wheat protein plant-based brand that offers all the goodness and flavour to keep you going throughout the day.

The powder is available in four flavours, namely soy protein, green tea, mixed berry, and chocolate. It comes in 450g and 900g canisters. A serving size is 12.5g and contains 10g of protein for a healthy mind and body. Their unique selling point is the combination of ingredients that offer more than regular protein powder does to the body.


Now Foods

This is a textured protein source made from 100 percent soy.

It is used to add texture and volume to food, and great in replicating meat products for meat lovers turn vegan.

It does not have any flavour and just available in flakes. The pack is a 227g pouch that has a serving of ½ cup or 120g per serving with 14g of protein. The unique selling point will appeal to vegans who love meat but now have a better substitute in Now Foods. The product goes for $9.99 on the market.

NOW Plant Protein Complex Singapore 




Orgain is another excellent brand with so many variations on the market to suit your need. Whether you are looking to lose weight, start a keto diet, recovery quickly after workouts, there is a product for you. It is a mixed protein offering consisting of pea protein, brown rice protein, and chia seeds.

Orgain Organic Protein Singapore  

It is available in 6 flavours, including unsweetened, vanilla bean, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate coconut, and creamy chocolate fudge.

A serving contains 2 scoops or 46g and offers 21g of protein. It comes in a 1.95 pounds canister at $29.99 or $35 depending on where you made the purchase. Their unique selling point is variation, so many options for so many purposes.




LVL is a 100 percent all-natural mixed protein of pea and brown rice protein with added vitamins and boosters like Maca, turmeric, and ashwagandha.

A Singapore based startup brand that is bringing its strength in Superfoods to the plant based protein discussion.

LVL Plant Protein LVL Plant Protein Singapore 

Its only flavour is rich chocolate and comes in a small 40g sachet for easy use. Each packet contains 21g of protein per serving. The product is available in 8 bundles, which differ in price according to your needs. The price ranges from S435 to S$72, but the sachet is S$2.75. Their unique selling point is their online community of exercise lovers who have a platform to voice their dislike and likes and how to move forward.


Honest Earth

This is another excellent pure pea protein powder with no fillers, artificial flavour, or the nonsense found in other plant-based protein powder.  Once again, Honest Earth is the newest entrant to the plant based protein offerings in Singapore.

Honest Earth Plant Protein Singapore
It uses 100% Canadian split yellow peas and delivers 30g of protein in a 4og serving. The pack comes in a 500g resealable sachet of three distinct flavours, including raw cacao, just natural, and vanilla coconut. Honest Earth has distinguished itself as the brand for athletes as its product contains quick recovery elements. An example is curcuminoids found in turmeric to reduce inflammation and fatigue associated with exercise. The price in Singapore is $49.99 



GNC Pea Protein

GNC is renowned for transparency, and this product is no different. The Pea protein presented here is 100 percent pea origin of match flavour. This is the only flavour, but it is robust in taste and nutrient for the body. The serving size is 24.5g and contains 16g of protein in a container of 1.72pounds and 30 servings. The price for this product is S$63.96, and their unique selling point is the flavour and ease of use in shakes and drinks for athletes.
GNC Pea Protein Powder Singapore




Who sells plant-based protein options in Singapore?

The great news is that consumers have a huge range of options of where to buy, when it comes to plant based protein alternatives!

Over the recent years, the focus on balancing diets with more plant based options has certainly been on the rise in Singapore, and due to this almost all retailers now have one or more plant based options.

In a future article we will take a complete look at the market to make it easy for you to find the plant based protein that you want.

Of course, if you want to try our favourite, Nuzest Clean Lean Protein, you can buy it right here at LeBono Collection.




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