When it comes to your health, you deserve the best.

Nuzest's premium nutritional supplements are formulated by global industry leaders and based on the latest scientific research. Quality without compromise, that’s their promise. Quick, convenient and trustworthy, Nuzest products are designed to give your body what it needs to balance the demands of a busy life.

Powerful, nutrient-packed formulas for a stronger, brighter, more active you.

Clean Lean Protein - Premium European Golden Pea Protein

The allergen-free and 100% natural vegetable protein that’s great for every-body
High in protein yet low in carbohydrates and fat, it supports healthy weight management and helps your body recover faster, so you can get back doing the things you love.

Light on the stomach with a 98% digestibility rating, Clean Lean Protein will get to work restoring your energy and mental clarity - without upsetting your stomach. None of the bloating and digestive upsets often associated with other types of protein supplement.

Good Green Stuff -The ultimate superfood!

More than a multi and more than just greens, Good Green Stuff is a complex multi-nutrient formula that makes it simple to be healthy. Based on the latest scientific research and formulated for maximum vitality.

75+ Ingredients for comprehensive nutritional support

So much more than just greens, Good Green Stuff is a potent blend of carefully selected fruits, vegetables and herbs - with added vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. It packs a punch with over 75 of the very best ingredients for optimum health.



J.Friend and Co, NZ Artisan Honey produce a boutique range of single flower organic honeys sourced from NZ’s diverse landscape. 

They dedicated to making the best honey without compromising the environment that helped to produce it. This means being certified organic by Asurequality as well as being carbon neutral through the Carbon South certified scheme.

Honey should ‘speak’ of the region that produced it. That is why single origin honey is vital to them. No blending of honey from different varietals, regions or even seasons takes place. Pure and simple is best. 


Ball® Glass Mason Jars began as a humble canning jar, ideal for fresh preserving recipes such as salsas, syrups, sauces, fruits and vegetables.

Today, these glass jars go beyond fresh preserving and have evolved into the multi-purpose glass jar we also use for decorations, crafts and gifts. Ball® canning jars have been made in the U.S. for more than 125 years, so you can trust that each jar is every bit as genuine as the creation inside it.


ScanWood has been designing, crafting and selling wood products in Denmark since 1919. ScanWood offers a wide range of kitchen products in a variety of wood types not commonly found in Singapore, such as Olivewood, Beech and Red Beech woods.

The products are created with lifestyle and usability in mind and to a great extent are made for food preparation and the serving of food. In alignment with ScanWood’s company philosophy of facilitating healthy lifestyles, the range is proudly Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC), meaning all wood used is sourced from sustainably managed forestry sources.

The FSC ensures adherence to strict biodiversity preservation, minimal impact on indigenous peoples and other strict rules that set out an ethical framework for the industry as a whole.



Leading the charge in Le Bono Collection cafe and restaurant offering is the amazing Brother Basil & Co range of Melbourne lifestyle products.

Best known for their artisanally roasted coffee from Melbourne, Brother Basil & Co  are so much more offering a full beverage selection from hot chocolate, chai, matcha and ready to drink ranges.

Brother Basil also can provide customization services both in regard to beans, roast, branding, bagging and types.   Currently several of Singapore's leading coffee and specialty cafe chains work with Brother Basil as there is a clear process and measures to ensure the highest levels of quality control for our large scale clients.  https://brotherbasil.com/


Le Bono Collection is proud to be the exclusive Cafe and Restaurant channel partner for the amazing T2 Tea range! 

T2 offers Australia's biggest range of beautiful, fragrant teas from all around the world.

At T2, we’re about reinventing and reimagining the humble tea leaf, and sharing our teas with anyone who’ll listen.

We’re inspired by the people we meet, and the far-flung places we visit. We get a kick out of taking ancient tea rituals and reimagining them, bringing them to a modern tea table. Every cup we brew is a chance to make tea more enjoyable, more accessible and more experimental; it’s our opportunity to connect, understand and share with the world our love for a better cup of tea, everyday.

We share our love of tea through storytelling and creating immersive experiences.

Campaigns were the perfect way to share our latest product discoveries and tea knowledge. Word of our one-of-a-kind teas and teawares continued to spread, and more and more T2 stores flung open their doors, eager to get brewing.